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Spin bike is awesome

my legs… not so much. I loved it though =)

→ WIL WHEATON dot TUMBLR: Today I am setting aside my anger, and trading my recent mocking derision for something I hope is more kind.


It’s all too easy to forget that there’s a human being on the other end of the Internet. That human being has a name. That human being has friends and family; hopes, fears, and dreams. The person behind those words and that avatar is loved by people, and that person loves them in return.

It’s far…

Good and Bad

The good is that a spinning bike is being delivered on Tuesday,I am super excited about that. It’s the kind of bike that does it’s own programs and is controlled by magnets (yes actual magnets!) so I should be able to get a damn good workout in a short time. The baby will sit and bounce in her bouncer for twenty to forty minutes so I can work out then or when she goes to bed. Either way sexy legs and less baby gut here I come.

The bad is that I appear to have a dead tooth which probably means a root canal. Seriously F you teeth. :| I brush you and floss and all that crap. You aren’t straight but you and I are supposed to be tight. Don’t make me have to replace you!